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So why "PRAYING RABBIT"? When the brand first started, the main intention with the name was to make a rabbit who is always praying. The name came together perfectly because rabbits in real life actually look like they are praying when they are washing their face. You sometimes see rabbits rubbing their hands together, and thus creating a praying gesture. So the logo was made based off that and we added stripes on the ear as a way to differentiate it from other rabbits. The idea came to make a rabbit who is always praying for you.
Recently, we  added more variation to the brand by creating artwork and designs that could resonate with the name. Rabbits are an animal of duality and are often seen as prey animals, normally hunted by predators. They are peaceful and cute, yet can possess some sort of madness inside of them. The dual side of the name praying rabbit is preying rabbit, and the words sound exactly the same. So not only is the rabbit praying, but sometimes, it is also preying on everyone and everything. 
  praying rabbit logo