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When a rabbit takes a bath, it cups its paws in prayer. It symbolizes the deep connection between human beings, animals, nature, and the divine world around us 🙏🐰
Praying Rabbit has traveled to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, radiating karmic vibrations of love, protection, healing, and understanding for all who welcome this being into their lives.
But there's a duality:
pr(a)ying & pr(e)ying...
Praying Rabbit prays for your peace, happiness, love, and protection.
But when darkness falls and trouble finds you...
Praying Rabbit will stop at nothing to consume whatever gets in the way.
This little rabbit homie will always have your back, no matter what.
We have a plush backpack that allows you to take Praying Rabbit with you wherever you go.
Many hard roads will come... so Praying Rabbit walks with you along life's journey to remind you that you are never alone in finding your way... "home" ❤️
  praying rabbit logo

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