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Always by your side, forever in your heart. With Praying Rabbit, every day’s an adventure and every night’s a story.

When a rabbit takes a bath, it delicately brings its paws together, resembling a prayer. This beautiful act of the Praying Rabbit symbolizes the deep connection that exists between humans, animals, nature, and the divine realm that surrounds us. Inspired by this gesture, Praying Rabbit is more than a brand; it's a celestial companion embarking with you on life's adventures, offering love, protection, and wisdom. Our plush backpack isn't just a product; it's a manifestation of this bond, designed to be by your side through every challenge, reminding you that you're never alone. With Praying Rabbit, find comfort, carry your essentials, and keep a piece of the divine with you always. Explore our collection, embrace this journey with us, and let's find our way 'home' together.



Founded in 2017, Praying Rabbit embarked on a heartfelt mission: to bring into your life a forever faithful companion, a little rabbit that prays for you and stands by you through thick and thin. This adorable friend is more than just a plush; it's a symbol of unwavering support and love, designed to accompany you on every twist and turn of life's journey. Our adventure has been nothing short of magical, filled with stories of companionship and shared moments. We're excited to continue this journey, eagerly awaiting to explore life's grand adventures together with you.


praying rabbit logo


Thank you for embarking on this remarkable journey with us. Your dedication and support, whether through embracing our Praying Rabbit into your lives, sharing our story with friends and family, or simply joining us on this narrative adventure, have been the cornerstone of our brand's journey. As the founder of Praying Rabbit, I am deeply moved by the bond we've created together. Your belief in our mission fuels our passion and sustains our shared adventure, making every moment truly magical.

With the deepest appreciation and a heart full of gratitude,

Daniel, Founder & Companion-in-Chief at Praying Rabbit