Praying Rabbit, LLC informational safety tips cannot guarantee your safety or prevent injuries/accidents when the unexpected happens. Proper training, information, and experience are essential for your safety and the safety of others.


    • Always be awake, alert, and attentive when handling a knife.
    • To avoid injury, be sure to always point a knife’s sharp edge away from yourself and others.
    • Never cut toward yourself or anyone else. If the blade slips while cutting, you or someone else may be injured.
    • Always keep your Praying Rabbit LLC knife closed when not in use.
    • When storing Praying Rabbit LLC knives, the blades should never be left exposed. A child could easily become injured if they find a knife and accidentally cut themselves on the sharp blade.

    • For your safety and the safety of others, if the blade of a Praying Rabbit LLC knife does not lock in the open or closed position, do not attempt to use it. Please contact our order support immediately
    • Never push on the blade of a Praying Rabbit LLC knife from the side or other directions in which it might close toward your fingers.

    • Never use your Praying Rabbit LLC knife to pry, hammer, or otherwise attempt to perform any action other than cutting. Using your knives improperly can cause major injury to yourself or others.
    • Keep your knife sharpened; a sharp knife is safer and more efficient than a dull one. Dull knives are more prone to slip out of your hand
    • Never try to catch or grab a knife that has slipped from your grip. A knife is sharp and may cause serious injuries.

    • Do not attempt to disassemble your Praying Rabbit LLC knife, as this will make it unsafe and void any possibilities of a return.
    • Whenever knives are used in your household, everyone should be taught how to handle them safely. Teach children that Praying Rabbit LLC knives are not toys; they are designed for adult use.
    • Children should be aware of how to safely handle and care for a knife. The importance of responsible ownership begins with first informing them they are dealing with a real tool, not an inanimate object or toy.
    • Local knife laws can vary widely in both public and private places, and in some cases, have drastically different rules on knife restrictions. If you are traveling anywhere with a knife, it is best to research the local laws wherever you may be going.


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